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Appointment Setting

It may seem counter-intuitive to outsource an activity that traditionally has always been done internally. However, as data specialists and data collection experts, we are committed to unlocking the potential of any business by maximising its efficiency.

Why outsource your appointment setting?

The answer is simple: every company needs more business. What’s more, relying on specialists in business development ensures your resources are used efficiently.

We do this by taking over the tedious sales prospecting and challenging cold calling work, effectively setting appointments with potential clients on your behalf. This way you meet with key business influencers!

Our appointment setting services include:

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For you

Appointment setting benefits:

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  • Guaranteed appointments

  • Minimum calls per day

  • Lead delivery summary

  • Options to supply own data

  • Data cleansing priced to suit your business requirements

  • Choose package duration

  • Dedicated sales prospecting assistant

  • Different package options available (excluding or including data)

Work With Us

You might ask, how have we become so skilful in appointment setting?

We have worked with many businesses, each with its own requirements. Our experience with these businesses has taught us to be flexible and adaptable so that we are always able to provide personalised, quality, face-to-face appointments.

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