Make an impact.

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A whole new way to look at events

Great events are about making an impact with the correct target audience. At The Appointments Bureau we help you create unique event experiences to do just that. Whether it’s a creative space, a special dining experience or an inspiring outdoor activity, we’ll help you to ensure that the correct target audience attends your event/seminar. We ensure that you not only have an event to remember, but also an event that will help you reap rewards from pre-event confirmations, right up to after-event feedback surveys.

Why outsource your appointment setting?

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Pre-event planning

(Who would you like to attend the event?)

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Managing all RSVPs

(We start this process 3 – 4 weeks prior to your event right up to 1 week before your event starts, thus giving you a more accurate headcount for catering and setting etc.)

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We will manage the after-event feedback surveys

(Finding out what the guests thought of the event/seminar)

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After-event face-to-face meetings

(We will then arrange for you to personally meet with the guests who attended the event/seminar)

For you

The Appointments Bureau takes the stress out of event planning

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Let us handle the stress associated with arranging events by assisting you with the bookings, number of seats, and how many guests to cater for, as well as the after-event services.

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