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Depend on a team of proven lead generation specialists

Lead Generation

The key to maximising your bottom line has less to do with reaching everyone and everything to do with ensuring you reach your target market by implementing effective lead acquisition initiatives. We believe that identifying your correct target market is one of the keys to achieving overall business success.

What we do

Our lead generation services take the hassle out of finding your target market, at a less expensive cost. In addition, we employ a host of lead generation specialists with a wealth of experience and proven expertise. They have a passion for sales prospecting and a relentless drive to deliver the results you need.

Why it works

The Appointments Bureau will put you in contact with the right prospects in order for you to present your service/product offering. A by-product of our lead sourcing process is the removal of ineffective prospects or time wasted on meeting unqualified prospects.

We offer you qualified leads and up-to-date campaign progress.

We guide you through every step of your campaign.

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For you

Our approach to effective sales generation and lead acquisition:

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  • Create lead generation proposals based on objectives, needs and benefits

  • Identify your market

  • Define what a lead means to you

  • Define expected metrics

  • Set realistic timeframes

  • Agree on required reporting and how regularly it is expected

  • Provide qualified leads

We can take care of lead generation for email, SMS, follow-up and telesales campaigns.
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